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Dynamic Argon Registration Service

With more than 25 years of experiences in Cambodia, Dynamic Argon as pharmaceutical x consumer distribution has a strong resources; connection with Cambodian government. One of our capabilities is in registration service for all products categories which include MOH, ISC and MoC. And now we are open not just for the internal partnership but also for the all company that want to use our services, please contact us for more details, we will provide the best service and faster than expected.

Abstract Architecture

Important Product & Registration

Dynamic Argon gives end-to-end distribution solutions. We offer solution services including: product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, logistics, invoicing, and supply chain management. Dynamic Argon has the ability to support principal to comply Cambodia law and rules and in parallel provide solution for manufacturer to grow and develop their product availability in Cambodia market.

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Market Inteligence

Dynamic Argon understands the need of strategic information is very critical to principals' businesses. Therefore, Dynamic Argon developed a comprehensive information system that enables principals to have their business insight anywhere, anytime and in their most convenient way.To ensure the speed of information, Dynamic Argon has laid down a solid intranet foundation to all its distribution networks through out Cambodia using the best mix of communication channels.

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Business Information

Dynamic Argon provides informations for its Principals depending on principals' needs. Ranging from simple and instantaneous information to periodic most comprehensive and strategic information, and everything the principal needs to ensure its business growth.

Our Competitive Advantage

Strong in Local Market Know How

22 Years of Experiences in Cambodian Market

Reliable in IT, Supply Chain & Coverage Services

Partner of Choice to Grow the Business

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