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Dynamic Argon Empowers Cambodian Health at Customer Gathering

Dynamic Argon Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Dexa Medica Cambodia, organized a Customer Gathering event on Friday, June 16, 2023. The event focused on the topic of Managing Cold and Flu Infections and featured two speakers: Mr. Va Meng, Deputy of the Pulmonary Center of Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, and Mr. Seng Kakada, Ph., Group Product Manager of Dexa Medica Cambodia.

Mr. Va Meng delivered a presentation on the Management of Cold and Flu Infections, while Mr. Seng Kakada, Ph., gave a presentation on the Stimuno and Boska Product. Stimuno is registered as a phytopharmaceutical, a standardized herbal extract of Phyllanthus niruri (Meniran), which has undergone preclinical and clinical studies.

"As an immunomodulator, Stimuno modulates the immune system and helps our body to produce more antibodies and activates the immune system to work optimally," said Mr. Kakada.

Mr. Budi Lim, General Manager of Dynamic Argon Co., Ltd., attended the event and delivered the opening remarks. "With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry in Cambodia, Dynamic Argon, in collaboration with Dexa Medica Cambodia, aims to contribute to maintaining the health of the Cambodian. We hope that the attending customers gain added value and new knowledge to enhance their health," said Mr. Lim.


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