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Dynamic Argon Cambodia Internationally Recognized by Receiving Two Certifications Simultaneously

Dynamic Argon Cambodia achieved international recognition in early 2022 by obtaining two certificates simultaneously, Certificate of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Certificate of ISO 9001:2015 from SGS United Kingdom Ltd for implementing pharmaceutical and consumer product distribution provisions.

Dynamic Argon Cambodia (DAC) is becoming one of the few companies that receive both GDP and ISO certificates at the same time. This achievement demonstrates DAC’s commitment to providing the best quality for Cambodians.

Dynamic Argon Cambodia is expected to be much more recognized worldwide by pharmaceutical relations and Cambodians due to acquiring this WHO designation. It has demonstrated its dedication to promoting international standard quality. "We will always put service and quality first. This accreditation also boosts our confidence in meeting certification targets from other world-class institutions," stated Mr. Lim Budi, General Manager of Dynamic Argon.

Certificate of Good Distribution Practices focuses on the distribution method of medications and drug ingredients to assure quality along the distribution route following the specifications and intended use. Meanwhile, the Certification of ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for Quality Management System Certification.


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