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Dexa Group Receives Halal Certificate

PALEMBANG, INDONESIA - Celebrating on 50th anniversary, Dexa Group received a Halal Certificate and Halal Assurance System Status which was given directly by the Director of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOMMUI), Dr. Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si on September 27th 2019 at Dexa Medica Palembang plant.

The subsidiary companies, PT Dexa Medica, PT Beta Pharmacon, PT Ferron, and PT Fonko International Pharmaceuticals, managed to obtain halal assurance system status from the Assesment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of ULAMA (LPPOM MUI), with a very good category.

"In addition, MUI has also issued halal certificates for more than 800 finished products and 30 biotic fraction extracts produced by all factories in the Dexa Group,"saidPresident Director of PT Dexa Medica Ferry A Soetikno.

He continued, PT Anugerah Argon Medica, another subsidiary of the Dexa Group,become the first pharmaceutical distributor in Indonesia that received the halal assurance system status with a very good category.

"Dexa Group is ready to implement a halal assurance system. Not only at production facilities, but also at distribution facilities,”he said.

He added, this is a Dexa Group's responsibility to meet the needs and comfort of the community in consuming halal products, especially Muslims.

This event was attended by the Regional Secretary of the Palembang City Government Ratu Dewa, the Head of the Drug and Food Control Agency Penny K Lukito, the President Director of BPJS Kesehatan Fahmi Idris, and the Director of LPPOM MUI Lukmanul Hakim.

LPPOM MUI Director Lukmanul Hakim said, Dexa Medica has met the halal compliance criteria of MUI. That means, Dexa Medica is ready to master international trade, especially in destination countries that require halal, such as in the Middle East region.

"Export destination countries that have not paid attention to halal, since 2014, they have stated the halal criteria as a requirement to enter their country," he concluded.


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