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Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year fell on February 1 this year. Millions of people around the world celebrated this festive day in their own way amidst the global Omicron variant of COVID-19 outbreak.

Cambodia, one of the countries that achieved the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in Asia celebrated this year’s Chinese New Year solemnly and joyfully. The celebration was also joined by the people at Dynamic Argon Cambodia (DAC).

Dynamic Argon Cambodia (DAC) staff celebrated the Chinese New Year at the head office on January 29, 2022 by wearing red uniforms and taking photos with Gong XI Fa Cai hand gestures.

Dynamic Argon General Manager, Mr. Budi Lim said the Chinese New Year celebration, which marks the transition from the Year of the Ox to the Year of the Tiger, represented strength and health for everyone this year.

"This marks the first day of the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. The DAC team sincerely wish everyone to always be healthy and prosperous in the Year of the Tiger," said Mr. Budi.


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